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You can pay to us in the following ways. It is 100% safe and secured. The tariffs are given in the Book A Room Link on our website .

1. Depositing money: Directly in our State Bank of India account, Lucknow, India. Details will be provided on the request. Transaction charges are nil (zero).

2. Via Net Banking (NEFT, RTGS, IMPS): Details will be provided on the request. Transaction charges are nil (zero).

3. Via PayPal: Details will be provided on the request. Transaction charges (additional) will be 5.00%. Merchant account ID is PayPal Merchant ID:  35JTW6T6UGMTJ,  PayPal payment link is .

4. Via Credit Cards, Debit cards, UPI: You can pay us now with credit cards, debit cards, UPI.

5. Via Razorpay link. It is:


5.  Via UPI: BHIM, BHIM SBI, Paytm Apps

a). BHIM: 9984433331@UPI

b). BHIM SBI: skagarwal89@SBI; skagarwal49@SBI

c). Paytm:


6. We have Razorpay and Airpay buttons/ QR CODES on our website page. QR Codes are also, pasted in the respective rooms. Guests can pay there.


Apart from it you can also pay on: . Please paste this link in your web browser and follow the instructions given in the Razor Pay page.


If required an payment invoice can also be send with the link to either with Razorpay or Airpay.

7. Other methods of payments: Via Paytm in account 91-9984433331, IFSC Code PYTM0123456. QR Code has also been pasted in our apartment bedrooms.

8. International guests can also, pay in SWIFT account. Details are as follows: . Please check or ask all T & C before transferring money. Any transfer  using this payment system can not be reversed. There could be some additional charges. Guests have to pay those charges.


9. Swipe machine or POS machine: at our premise. 

Cancellations, Changes, Refunds:


Please check Policies on this page.

Link on our website is: .

All International  & domestic guests can pay through Razor pay Link from our website. Alternatively, we can send payment link of Razor Pay on the request. Your payment is secured. Please add 12-18% GST on all prices which is a Government of India Tax. We will issue a proper invoice.

10. Gift Card:

a). if gift card is given complimentary to you then it is free and there are no charges. You must use this card within the time frame otherwise it will expire. Card can be used for renting our apartments.

b). Offer is available only one card for the full family.

c). Whenever you submit the gift card, then the card value will be deducted from the room rental prices.

d). For submitting the gift card, please either show hard printed copy with us or show us the soft copy in your mobile.

e). Gift card can not be cashed and can not be transferred to 3rd person.

Razorpay qr code for the payment
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