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Frequently Asked Questions
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These are some of the frequently asked questions.

You can get answers of many of your questions. If you don't get answer, then please pick phone and call us.....

1. Where are you located in Lucknow?

We are located very close to Tata Consultancy Services "TCS" , Hotel Mariotte and Indra Gandhi Prathisthan, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.

2. How far are you from the airport, railway station, bus stand in Lucknow? 

We are 22 KM from airport, 12 KM from Charbagh railway station and about 15 KM from Alambagh bus stand.


3. What is a homestay/ serviced apartment?

Homestay/ Serviced Apartment means an apartment where all services are given. These are also called apart-hotel. These serviced apartments are fully furnished, fully equipped and you need not to bring anything except your clothing, laptop and mobile. Rest we will take care of you from slippers to towels etc. A homestay is a home where guests will reside. Guests will have separate door, an independent room or apartment. As Owner of the house, we do not interfere in the lives of our guests.

3a. What is Homestay?

It means that you will be staying with a family. But you will have separate door, individual room, bathroom, kitchen. We will have every day communication unless you do not want to speak with us.

4. What is the difference between hotel and homestay/ serviced apartment?

A hotel is a hotel but a homestay/ serviced apartment is a place where you will feel like your own home. In the hotel you can not cook food but in homestay/ serviced apartment you can cook food of your choice. In homestay/ serviced apartment, you are not required to spend money on petty things like tea/ coffee.

5. How many homestays/ serviced apartments do you have?

We have three homestay/ serviced apartments in Lucknow. In this, there are two units of one BHK (One Bedroom SA1 & One Bedroom SA2) and one unit of two BHK (two bedrooms) Executive Suite. All our serviced apartments are fully furnished with LED TV, OTT Channels, geysers, utensils, crockery, cooking gas, various appliances, AC, wardrobes, tables, chairs, proper bed with mattresses, bed sheets, linens, towels, individual routers, fridge, inveters etc. All apartments have their own independent modular kitchens.

6. Do you provide free services?

Under CP plan,  we provide following services and you will not pay for these.

a. Cleaning Utensils & crockery

b. Full House Keeping

c. Complimentary supply of R. O. Water .

d. OTT Channels Platforms (not DTH). Only one connection per serviced apartment is available,

e. Complimentary WI-FI in the whole house with Fiber Optic Technology FTTH 250 MBPS Line only with normal tariff. There are two connections in each apartment.

f.  Complimentary Cooking Gas Usage under Daily and Weekly plans.

g. Cooking Facilities (we provide cooking gas, utensils & crockery only).

h. Complimentary Tea & plenty of coffee, free for daily and weekly guests only (not for monthly guests).

I. Complimentary Continental or Indian breakfast for all guests only with normal tariff. It depends on the Rate Plan. Breakfast is not provided in the Monthly plan.

j. Free electricity in all plans.

K. Complimentary linen and towels.

l. Air conditioning is free in all plans.

m. Breakfast is not included in the monthly plans.


7. How big are your apartments?

a. SA1 Homestay/ Serviced apartment has: one sleeping room, one living room, one toilet and one kitchen. Covered area is about 550 square feet. After this, there is a common terrace garden. The size of room is 225 Sq. Feet. Two guests can easily stay. Other 1 -2 guests can sleep on the floor. We will provide beddings.

b. SA2 Homestay/ Serviced apartment has: one sleeping room, one living room, one toilet and one kitchen. Covered area is about 1,450 square feet. Two guests can easily stay. Remaining 2 guests can sleep on the floor. We will provide beddings.

c.  Two BHK Executive Suite Homestay/ Serviced apartment has: two sleeping rooms, one big living room, two toilets and one modular kitchen, one dressing room and veranda. Covered area is about 2200 square feet. After this, there is a common terrace garden. The size of which is 200 Sq. Feet. Four guests can easily stay. Other 4 guests can sleep on the floor. We will provide beddings.


8. What are the prices?

Please check home page or Book a Room page for the actual current rates.


9. Sleeping arrangement?

Please note that sleeping arrangement will be as follows:

1. One BHK SA1 Apartment: 2 Guests in one King Size Bed + 1 Guest on the floor mattress.

2. One BHK SA2 Apartment: 2 Guests in one King Size Bed.+ 1 Guest in Couch in the Lobby/ Living Room + 1 Guest on the floor mattress.

3. Two BHK Executive Suite Apartment: 4 Guests in two King Size Beds + 4 Guests on the floor mattresses.

For floor, mattresses, will be provided  on the floor with pillows, bed sheets, comforters etc. There will not be any proper bed.


10. Are these good for foreign expatriates, corporate houses, non resident Indians, professionals?

Absolutely yes. These are neat, cleaned to the utmost level. Foreign expatriates, corporate bosses, non resident Indians, United Nations employees, political leaders stayed with us. Please check our page Testimonials in this web site.

11. Covid-19 Policy?

We are taking all care. Please go on this link and you will have all answers.


12. Do you give satisfaction?

Yes, 100% guaranteed. If you do not like then we will not charge money from you. But you must let us know after the end of the first day of your stay.

13. How can we pay?

You can make booking from the home page of our website and also, please check BOOK A ROOM PAGE for the payment link. Payment option is for both our Indian and foreign guests. Payment is safe. We can also send you Razor Pay or payment link on your WhatsApp or email addresses. It is acceptable for foreign guests too.


14. Any other question?

Just give us a call. We are just one phone call away from you. Our phone/ cell numbers are: +91-70805 09000, +91-99844 33331.

15.  Facilities and services in all our apartments:

COVID --- 19  or CORONA: Many Provinces/ States have imposed a check of Corona before you enter the province. It should be checked 72 hours prior to the arrival at the destination. In order to avoid travelling problems, please check with authorities and keep original report copies of all visitors with you

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